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Upscalers is a European community of entrepreneurs and tech-lovers, who wish to connect, share ideas and insights about Tech, and eventually co-invest together in the next generation of startups.

We’re a European community of operating angel investors. Our three founding stones are:

  • 🗞️ Insights

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  • 💸 Investing

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Our mission is to showcase insights from the world's best entrepreneurs and investors, as we value the power of ideas and experience to build a successful investment strategy.

Because yes, we are (first and foremost) a community of investors.

People who join Upscalers as paying members are willing to:

  1. Get meaningful connections within the European Tech ecosystem,

  2. Have deep conversations over tech trends and investment opportunities,

  3. Make impactful investments alongside European most successful entrepreneurs, startup executives and tech thinkers.

Whether investing is your daily job, a passion or a personal project, you’ll get a chance to level up your game.

We share one to two curated investment opportunity per month with our community members.

If you are a free follower of this newsletter, we will hit your mailbox with “new opportunity announcements” every months. But you won’t be able to access details on the opportunity, nor invest with us, nor access specific group chats to discuss the opportunity.

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Upscalers is a community of tech lovers and entrepreneurs, willing to share ideas and insights about hot trends in the European Tech ecosystem


Timoteo Rouchon
Investing in cool European startups
Yoann Benhacoun
Tech enthusiast, 1 Exit, Founder of Upscalers